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Mobile Auto Pros


  • Mobile Auto Pros specializes in boat reconditioning 

  • Re-dying vinyl seats, carpet restoration

  • Gel coat polishing, acid wash, oxidation removal, waxing

  • Ceramic coating specialist

Detailing Services

Wash n Vac 

Exterior Wash, Interior Vac and dusting, glass cleaning

$7 a foot with interior

$5 a foot for exterior only


Seat Cleaning, Carpet shampooing, hull cleaning, exterior wash, trailer wash, light polishing with wax. Storage compartments cleaned, spider poo removal, 

$12 a foot 

Polishing / Oxidation Removal

Acid wash, multi step oxidation removal and polishing, finished with a high gloss 6 month spray ceramic coating

$22 a foot 

Ceramic coating  $45 a foot 

Boat Detailing Pros

Boat washing, Boat detailing, Mobile Auto Pros
Boat washing, Boat detailing, Mobile Auto Pros, Ceramic Coating
Mobile Auto Pros
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