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Re-conditioning is the process to remove paint imperfections, spider webbing, swirl marks, clear coat scratches and more through proper prep washing, decontamination process (clay bar process, iron removal process) polisher selection, pad selection, compound and polish selections. Mobile Auto Pros is certified in paint correction processes. This is recommended to keep a proper appearance and maintain your vehicles overall value. Paint condition is very important for re-sale values.

  • Paint Re-conditioning is the process of eliminating paint damage from, atmospheric fall out, dull or oxidized paint, paint over-spray, etching from acid rain, bird dropping etching, paint transfer, road tar, tree sap, and hard water spots. We work with all paint systems whether it is base coat/clear coat, base/tint/clear, or single stage paint and understand paint thickness.

  • We are certified in paint correction and will deliver the professional quality your car needs.

  • We use only professional machines/tools/pads and compounds to achieve show room quality finishes. 

  • SAP REMOVAL - $25 / $35 / $45

  • TAR REMOVAL - $15 / $25 / $35

  • CLAY BAR PROCESS  $35 / $45 / $55

  • IRON REMOVAL PROCESS  $35 / $45 / $55

    (finished with a ceramic coating)

  • ENGINE DETAIL $45 / $55 / $65 


Before Paint Correction.png
All vehicles are inspected before service. Prices are based on regularly maintained vehicles, and are subject to change due time needed to provide the proper service.  
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