paint correction 

Paint correction is the process of eliminating paint damage from wash scratches, atmospheric fall out, dull or oxidized paint, paint over-spray, etching from acid rain, bird dropping etching, paint transfer, road tar, tree sap, and hard water spots. We work with all paint systems whether it is base coat/clear coat, base/tint/clear, or single stage paint and understand paint thickness.

We are certified in paint correction and will deliver the professional quality your car needs.

We use only professional machines/tools/pads and compounds to achieve show room quality finishes. 

Before Paint Correction.png
paint correction process
  • PREP WASH PROCESS (removing road grime, pre-treat bug removal, tar removal, outer wheel cleaning exterior washing

  • DECONTAMINATION PROCESS removing all embedded contaminants with iron remover process, clay bar process, sap removal) 

  • PAINT CORRECTION PROCESS (multiple steps

  • POLISHING PROCESS (multi steps)

  • APPLY PAINT PROTECTION (option of your choice) (price adjust with selection)

  • FINAL DETAILING (exterior windows, door, trunk and hood jams, tire dressing, shine all exterior rubber/vinyl and plastics. Final hand polish.

Chevy Camaro Blue Paint Sealant Hood Tre
Red SUV Mark.jpg
paint touch up process
  • Paint correction application (price adjust with amount of correction needed)

  • Apply perfect match base paint and clear coat to paint nicks, chips and deep scratches.   

  • Final details include, exterior windows, door, trunk and hood jams, outer wheel cleaning (full wheel available) tire dressing, shine all exterior rubber/vinyl and plastics. Final hand polish.

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