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about us 

Started in April of 2002, deriving from a small family business, our owner started detailing airplanes to make side money to compensate income. With a blue collar background, he was not afraid to work hard. The plane detailing started taking off and was doing very well. a few months in on a hot summers day he was asked to do a few cars at a small business owned by a friend. One of their employees so happened to be an employee of a major corporation, who had worked at this small company as well. The customer loved her car so much, she took it back to her company and within two weeks was providing a full service mobile car wash to the entire company. We have been there every Friday ever since. Going on 19+ years. Our commitment to quality & customer service has allowed us to become the largest Mobile detailing and auto service company in St. Louis. We here are proud to be a St. Louis family owned business. We know you have many options in car service needs, we are just so blessed you chose us. All of us here at Mobile Auto Pros are very excited about our future. 


Thank you!    

our mission

Mobile Auto Pros is dedicated to providing you the very best in professional detailing, car wash service and automotive maintenance. Our goal is to provide a time and money savings service that is extremely high quality, innovative, convenient and friendly, creating a unique atmosphere for our customers and/or employees with the overall philosophy: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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